Passing in threes

In this game there will be lots of touches of the ball and technique to get passes between players. Movement is also key to what happens in the session.

Set up

You need a ball and a 16×16-yard area. We’ve used nine players in the session. You will also need bibs and cones.

How to play it

Split the play into three teams of three players. Play a 3v3 on the pitch – the third team support the team in possession but they can only move along the sidelines. When one team has made 10 passes they get to swap with the team on the outside of the pitch and rest.

Set up

This is where control of the ball comes into its own and helps to coach young players in the right techniques for possession play.

Passing for possession

    1. Teams must make 10 passes to score a point and once in possession they can use the team on the side of the area to keep the passing sequence going
    2. Movement is vital in playing a possession game. Here the player must move into space to receive the ball under pressure from opponents

    3. Players can get quick passes in if they use the outside players to their advantage
    4. When teams have made 10 passes they swap with the outside players. The opposition team stays on.

    5. The team coming on must try and win the ball from the team already on the pitch as the game continues
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