Passing places

Clever passing game with overloads and lots of chances to score points. Vital for players to create and use space in this tight area. Helps players to look around and see where the best pass it to make use of the overloads and floating player.

Set up

You need balls and poles (or cones). In an area 15 x 15 yards three corner flags 2 yards apart in a triangle. We used 14 players in the session.

How to play it

You need two teams of 6 players – 2 working inside the area and 4 outside, plus a floating player and a server. Server plays into one of the teams who score by passing to a team mate through any side of the triangle. Ball must go through and be received by a team mate to count. Players inside the area have two-touches and the outside players one touch. You can change the size of the pole triangles to make it easier or harder to score.


This is about passing, receiving and using movement and good skill to create space on the pitch. Defending team must press and work hard to win the ball back.

    1. Play starts with the server passing to one of the teams who must immediately try to score.
    2. Teams score by passing through the triangle to a team mate on the other side – the ‘floater’ plays for the team in possession.

    3. Here the players quickly move the ball and use their team mates on the side to create space for the pass
    4. By moving the ball quickly and using the floating player the team scores two quick goals

    5. Making the triangle bigger or smaller changes how easy or hard it is to score goals
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