Passing to create


This simple passing practice starts to plant the idea of an up, back and through pattern, to create goalscoring opportunities. It also gives forward players the opportunity to work on the timing of runs of the ball.



Seven players are required for this practice, using half a pitch and a full-sized goal. Players set up depending on your team’s preferred formation. We’ve lined up with two centre-forwards and five midfielders – two sitting slightly deeper.



The pattern begins with one of the deeper central midfielders, who begins with the ball. The midfielder plays into the feet of a striker who drops into space to receive.

They then set the ball back to the other deeper- lying central midfielder, who plays into space out wide for the winger to run onto. Meanwhile, the two strikers, opposite winger and attacking midfielder begin making runs of the ball to attack the cross. The two strikers should look to cross over their runs. The winger crosses the ball into the box for the forwards to attack.



Weight of pass; one-touch passing where possible; timing and shape of runs into box.

1. The ball starts with a centre-midfielder passing into a striker, who sets back for another midfielder

2. A pass is played into space in the wide channel for a winger to run on to. Attacking players start forward runs of the ball

3. The winger crosses into the penalty box for the forward players to attack

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