Play out from the back – Practice


This practice allows players to work on movements and combinations to successfully play out from the back, under a realistic level of pressure.



Mark out a rectangle playing area with halfway line for reference. One team is organised with two full- backs, a centre-back, a number 4 and a number 8 in one half, with a 9/10 (centre-forward) situated on the opposing baseline. The defending team play with three defenders inside the half where the ball starts.



Objective is for the 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 to combine, looking to work an opportunity to penetrate the halfway line and pass to the 9/10. As the ball transfers across, the 4 and 8, the full-backs and the defending team move to support in the half of the ball. Progressions: Players may only play forward off a first- time pass. Alter numbers centrally to increase difficulty for 4 and 8. Before breaking halfway line, 4 or 8 must play a one-touch pass.



Encourage movement of perimeter players to offer constant support. Players also need to consider weight and accuracy of pass, body shape of 4 and 8 to see/play forward, disguise and creativity to combine centrally.


1. Reds begin with a centre- back, two full-backs and two centre-midfielders in one half, under pressure from three defenders

2. Reds work an opening to play into their centre- forward, and move to support the play

3. Play switches to the other half of the area and reds aim to work the ball back again

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