Press All Areas

In this pressing game players must react quickly to winning the ball and then keep possession themselves, just like Bayern Munich


Why use it

This session looks at how pressing in all areas of the pitch helps to win the ball back quickly, with an emphasis on turning over possession and creating scoring chances.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×20 split into two equal halves. We’ve used 14 players in this session, playing 7v7. You need bibs, balls and cones.

How to play

Start by passing the ball into one team who pass it between themselves. Five opposition players now come upfield to press the ball. When possession is turned over, the ball must be passed back to the waiting pair in the other half of the pitch. Speed of transition is important as the five working players must get back to help the two players to keep possession. Five of the other team move at the same time to press in a new 7v5. If the ball goes dead, restart with the team last out of possession.


It is important to see which team can react the quickest to the turnover of the ball. The team who have just won it must quickly get back to their square to support their two team-mates in keeping hold of the ball or the pressing players will win it back even quicker.


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