Soccer coaching game with positive passing and movement

I love setting up new challenges in small-sided games for my players – the emphasis in this game, “4v4 ice hockey style”, is on positive passing and determined movement. And while quite basic, this is a clever set-up that tests players’ ability to think “outside the box”, or rather “inside it”!

Goals are no longer fixed to the touchlines, which means that scoring opportunities can be manufactured using unconventional routes. If players can replicate this thinking in a standard game, you may find them producing goalscoring chances out of unpredictable actions.


How to set it up:

  • Create a playing area that measures 35×25 yards.
  • There are two teams of four players.
  • Two goals are made using cones or poles, and are placed five yards in from each end of the pitch.
  • Add a keeper in each goal.

The rules:

  • The players can score in the front or back of the goal.
  • The game is played for a set period of time – 20 minutes.
  • Tell your players that if they are blocked when in front of the goal they need to look to play quickly to the other side and try to score in the back.

This session originally appeared in Soccer Coach Weekly.

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