Soccer coaching tips to get players passing out from the back

Good teams can pass the ball out from the back in a structured controlled manner. Use these soccer coaching tips and drills to get your players working on these skills.
Key soccer coaching tip:

Give your players the confidence and encouragement to do it!

Passing out from the back of defence, whether a back 3 or back 4 requires, first, that the players are comfortable in possession of the ball, and second that the soccer coach gives the players the confidence and encouragement to do it.

Soccer drill set up

In diagram 1 below, set up with three defenders in each half versus two forwards. Before the ball can be played into the attacking half, all three defenders have to touch the ball. This makes them involved in the first phase of the attacking movement and hopefully the attackers will receive a more controlled pass.

passing out from a back 3

1. Defender 1 passes to defender 2, 2 to 3 and 3 passes forward to 4.

2. 4 and 5 try to score. When they have either lost the ball or shot at goal, repeat the soccer drill.

Develop the soccer drill

Pass out from the back to create 3 v 3.

If we advance the soccer drill in diagram 1, after all the defenders touch the ball, allow one dark-shirted defender or one white-shirted defender to break into the attacking half, making 3 v 3.

Get your midfielders to accept the pass

Finally, as diagram 2 shows, add a midfield section allowing a midfield player or defender to break into the attacking third of the pitch, making 3 v 3.

passing out from back four