Soccer drill for unopposed passing

This soccer (football) drill is a good one to get youngsters practising fluent passing and shooting without defenders getting in the way. It includes passing and movement off the ball as the play moves from one side of the pitch to the other for the wide player to cross.
Soccer (football) drill to get midfielders passing and scoring unopposed

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Soccer drill set up

Use half a pitch with three cones and one goal. Use three outfield players and one goalkeeper.

Run the drill

  1. To start, the ball is transferred from the left midfielder into the centre midfielder.
  2. The left midfielder now makes a diagonal run into the centre of the pitch. The centre midfielder receives the pass and then opens out to pass to the right midfielder.
  3. The right midfielder now plays into the left midfielder and runs down the line to receive a return pass.
  4. The centre midfielder makes a run into the box and attempts to score first time. If he is unable to score first time then he must set the left midfielder who has made a supporting run.

How to change play

  • Left midfielder becomes the centre midfielder.
  • Centre midfielder becomes the right midfielder.
  • Right midfielder rests and waits to become the new left midfielder.

This article is taken from Soccer Attack! by Michael Beale, which contains 80 shooting and finishing soccer (football) drills. Click here to download a sample drill and read about this comprehensive new manual.

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