Team drill for passing skills

Having coached your player with the side-foot pass drill, put their skills into action with a team soccer drill called ‘the passing square.’

Key soccer coaching tip: Make sure your athletes’ passes are crisp and accurate.

passing square drill


Start off with simple passing in a square

You need two balls, four cones and any number of players.

  • 1. Start by passing the ball around the square accurately and at pace. Then to move the drill on to the next skill level, get your players to follow their pass to the next cone. This is an example of how a centre-back passes out to the full back. Increase the difficulty by adding another ball. Since passing is about using two feet, shout to your players, “change direction.” Now they must go around the square the other way but use their other foot to pass the ball.

Passing one, two and cross

  • 2. To advance the passing square drill, player A passes into player B who returns it to player A who then passes it across the square to player C. This mirrors the interaction between a full back and winger where the winger crosses the ball across the diagonal of the square. It is also good for one-touch passing showing the importance of pace on the ball and running into space getting the timing right.
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