When to dribble or pass


This practice gives young players the opportunity to dribble and take players on, while also allowing them to choose dribbling or passing.



Two cone goals are set up at each end, four yards wide and 14 yards apart. Leave space behind the goals so players can dribble and pass through both sides. Players play 3v3 while their teammates wait behind the pitch.



This is a continuous game where players change when they are tired. Teams aim to dribble through the opponent’s goals. Players can score from behind the goals as well as in front. Players are encouraged to play as hard as they can, and when tired they tag their teammates.

Progress the game by adding different challenges, such as players ‘tagging’ a team-mate by passing to them, being able to score by passing to a team-mate through the cone goals, or a rule that says any pass in the air is an automatic tag for that player, to encourage keeping the ball on the floor.



As with all four-goal games, the game itself encourages creativity and switching play, but also develops decision- making of when to dribble and when to pass.

1. Teams play 3v3 and aim to dribble through the opponent’s goals to score

2. When players get tired, they can high-five a waiting team-mate to switch

3. Add progressions such as a pass to a waiting team-mate now counts as a ‘tag’

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