Penalty area battle

This 1v1 drill is both physically and mentally demanding for the players as they compete to win the game. They must show strength and patience in order to win the battle.

The set up

Area: 18 yard box
Equipment: 6 cones, 6 balls, 1 goal

The steps

  1. One player from each team goes into the penalty area. The other players surround the outside of the area with a ball each.
  2. The black player starts by receiving a ball from one of his team-mates and attempting to score. The white player must try to defend.
  3. The players then switch roles for the next ball. The game continues until all the balls have been played into the area.

What to call out

  • “Get tight”
  • “Stop the turn”
  • “Can you block the shot/win the ball”


Perfect defending key

Penalty area battle - part 1

Two players will do battle inside the penalty area.

Penalty area battle - part 2

The defender makes a tackle to stop the attacker scoring.

Penalty area battle - part 3

The roles are reversed for the next ball in. Again the defender is successful.

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