Play like attacking midfielder jack wilshere

This session will help teach your players to play like Arsenal’s 22-year-old attacking midfielder Jack Wilshere.

What to look for

  • The player should always be looking to score a goal.
  • When receiving the ball, the first thought should be, can I beat the defender with a skill?
  • Secondly, if I cannot beat the defender with a skill, can I beat the defender by making a pass and running into space?

How to play it

Use a 30-yard square with scattered cones for the session.


Players each dribble a ball onto the pitch. They try to use close control and quick footwork to go in and out of the cones then take a shot at their respective goal.


Use an area 40 yards long by 30 yards wide. In one half, mark out a 10-yard square area and have a goal at the opposite end.

Nominate two defenders, one stands on the halfway line. The other defender goes inside the 10-yard square. Place two attackers on the halfway line and three attackers inside the 10-yard square.

The practice starts with a 3v1 passing practice in the 10-yard square. The aim is for the attackers to complete four passes. Once the players have achieved this, one of the attackers is allowed to dribble the ball out of the area and towards the halfway line.

The attacker must then make a through pass for one of the attackers to run on to and shoot at goal. The defender is only allowed to defend along the halfway line and is not allowed to run back to stop the attackers scoring.

The passing attacker now takes the place of the attacker who runs through to shoot at goal. Swap players regularly so everyone takes on each task.

Use it in a game

Use an area 60 yards long by 40 yards wide, split into three zones. The end zones are each 15 yards long and the central area is 30 yards long. The game is played mainly inside the central zone.

For the first half, goals must be scored by a player dribbling into the opponent’s end zone to go 1v1 against the opposition goalkeeper.

In the second half, goals can only be scored by a player making a through-pass for a team mate to run on to in the opponent’s end zone and shoot past the goalkeeper.