Work your players through this effective attacking drill to encourage their composure in the box when presented with a gold-plated goal-scoring opportunity.

Why use it

A drill that gives quick-reacting strikers plenty of chances to score from defensive rebounds or miskicks in the box.

Set up

Use the penalty area of the pitch you normally play on or set up an area that is the same size. We’re using four players for this
session but you can set up at each end of the pitch and have players taking turns. You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal.

How to play

The working player is on the penalty spot, with two servers next to the goal. The player receives a pass from one of the servers and has to take a touch and fire off a shot. As soon as the shot is struck a second ball comes in, so the attacker must react quickly. Servers move between three positions to vary the angles and speed.


Composure is the most important thing, as the best finishers are very relaxed when they get a scoring opportunity. Players learn that striking through the ball and keeping their head over it keeps shots low and accurate. Power is not as important as accuracy.

Poacher - pass from the left to striker

    1. Create three positions so servers can vary the angle and speed that the ball comes to the attacker.
    2. The attacker takes a touch and then fires in a shot.

Poacher - pass from the right to striker

    3. Immediately the first shot has been taken, a second ball is hit at the attacker from the opposite side of the goal.

Poacher - pass from the left to striker plus defender pressure

    4. Progress the session by adding pressure – once the server has passed the ball he can follow the pass and pressure the attacker.
    5. The quicker the attacker gets the ball out of his feet, the more time he will have to pick a shot.

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