Pre-season high and low pressure

In this session, players defend as a unit, defending high up the pitch with full pressure and deep with low pressure.


How to play it

The goalkeeper and defenders try to play out of defense and score in one of the two mini goals.

The three attackers must try to stop them by putting pressure on the defenders. Can the attackers win possession and score a goal?

How to progress it

Progress the initial practice by splitting the pitch into two zones. The attackers now wait in the second zone and allow the defending team out of defense free from pressure.

Once the ball is inside the second zone, attackers quickly press to win the ball. Their aim is to block passes or shots into the two mini goals.

How to turn it into a game

The game is played in two 10-minute halves.

One team plays a high-pressure defense. When it does not have the ball, all its players squeeze into the first two zones to make the pitch compact.

The other team plays a low-pressure, counter-attacking tactic. When it loses possession, it drops back to the bottom two zones, leaving the opponent’s defenders free from pressure at the back. Each team plays one half using each tactic.

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