Soccer press-ups

Press-up drills are an excellent way of developing your players’ upper body strength in the arms, chest and shoulders as well as building core strength.
Technique is an essential part of this soccer coaching drill. Players should only do as many press-ups as they can with good technique.

As soon as the technique goes, change the soccer drill. For instance, instead of 10 press ups, try five press ups and five crunches, or three press ups, three crunches and three jump squats.

Press up drill tips for good technique

  • Keep the feet together.
  • Keep the legs, backside and back straight and in line at all times.
  • Keep the buttocks clenched.
  • Place the hands directly under the shoulders.
  • Keep the head in a neutral position and the neck relaxed.

Tips for starting and finishing the press up

  • Start with the arms straight, then bending at the elbows, lower the chest to the ground.
  • The arms are tucked into the side of the body.
  • At the lowest point, the chin is about 10cm from the ground.
  • Hold this position for two seconds, then return to the starting position.
  • Make sure the form is maintained throughout the drill.


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