2v1/1v1 decisions Rondo

Attackers must make use of space and make the right decisions to create goals. It’s good for 1v1 and 2v1 situations to give attackers match-like practice.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×20 yards including two 10-yard end zones. Place two target goals at one end and a normal goal at the other end, set back five yards. We’ve used 17 players.

How to do it

Split the teams into two groups of eight with one goalkeeper. Players work in pairs. All the balls are with the team defending the normal goal. Teams have four players on either side of the pitch at their defending end.
Play starts with a player passing to the opposition, who send out two attackers. The player who passed the ball defends on his own. If he clears the ball or if the opposition fail to score, his partner on the defending team dribbles from his end and tries to score in the target goals before the other team can recover. The original defender supports the counterattack and combines to score if needed.


Working in 1v1 or 2v1 situations, helping plalyers to make the right decision about whether to pass or win 1v1 situations.

Made decisions

    1. Players work in pairs and the sessions starts with a pass from the team with the balls to the other end
    2. Two players come out to get the ball and face the defender who passed the ball

Blocking passes

    3. To prevent a goal the defender must try to win the ball or block the shot and clear it out of play
    4. If the original defender clears the ball or the opposition fail to score, his partner dribbles up the pitch and tries to score before the attacking pair have recovered

Beat a defender and shoot

    5. Working in a 2v1 players dummy a pass and beat the defender before firing past the goalkeeper into the net
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