8 Tips For Rondo Success

Rondos are the ideal way to warm-up young players, covering all aspects of outfield play, ticking the boxes for technical, tactical, creative and, importantly, social/fun.

During the exercise the intensity and speed of the ball is extremely fast and requires great technique and concentration. The players constantly adjust the angle of their positioning in relation to their teammates, sometimes taking a step backwards or forward on the edges of the square, sometimes turning their hips in a certain way so that they can play the next pass or receive a pass efficiently.

They can also move closer to their teammates in order to invite pressure before playing a longer pass out of pressure to continue the passing streak.

There are various fundamentals that are trained very intensely during this game, like intelligence and technique under pressure. This applies to both the offensive players and the defenders in the middle. That is why Pep Guardiola uses this drill almost every single practice.

Here are my 8 tips for using Rondos

    1 Stay on the balls of your feet with an open stance ready to -receive the ball from any side or forward direction.
    2. Get brains into gear – Be Focused
    3. Quick thinking – speed of play is decisive.
    4. It’s not just development – FUN is key.
    5. Clap and shout to celebrate the great passes and defensive plays! Teams that demand a high level of performance from each player get better faster.
    6. Speed of play, creativity, teamwork, sound technique and problem solving are all very important.
    7. Success is keeping possession as an individual and team but look for opportunities to play Third Line Splitting Passes when they present themselves.
    8. Establish a rhythm to the passing. The tempo of play and rhythm is critical for success<./ol>

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