Combination Rondo

Midfielders who are looking to get the ball to an attacker need to create space to thread passes through, while target men need to learn to receive and control the ball.

Set up

You need balls and cones using a 15×10-yard area split into three five-yard zones. We used eight players.

How to play

Split players into a team of six attackers and a team of two defenders. Players stay in their zones during play but defenders move zones as the ball changes ends. Start with three attackers against one defender in the end zone, with another defender in the middle zone and one attacker as a target at the far end (the other two attackers are not active at this time).
The three attackers in the end zone start and must make three passes before playing the ball to the target man at the other end. If the pass is successful the two spare players at the end with the ball now become active, with only a target player remaining at the other end. Play is continual and starts are from the end zone.


This is great session for getting players to pass quickly with a big overload in favour of the passing team.

Forwards combine

    1. Three attackers start with the ball in the end zone against one defender. All players must stay in their zones.
    2. The aim is to get a pass past the two red defenders to a target man at the opposite end

Link play

    3. The middle defender must try to block the shot, making it more difficult for the attacker to receive it
    4. Here the pass is poor from the midfielder and the pass is intercepted and cleared

    5. Counterattacks, fast breaks and passes behind the defence all need quick-thinking players to act when space has been created. Here good play fools the defenders and leaves the area open for an easy pass to the target player
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