Key Rondo passes

In rondos there are three different types of passes that are key to the sessions and key to the style of play rondos encourage.

Key Rondo passes

1. First Line Pass

Pass to the person next to you. This is the easiest pass to make in rondos. It does not require a wide range of vision but is the pass that must be done correctly with good weight and direction.

2. Second Line Pass

The pass will bypass the person next to you but does not split defenders. The second line pass requires a greater passing vision and is more difficult than the first line pass but again all youth players must grasp this pass and execute with accuracy.

3. Third Line Pass

This is the creative pass that splits the defenders through the middle. This pass requires the most skill, creativity, vision and timing to pull off. In soccer the ultimate goal is to get the ball forward and score. Third line split passes help develop this skill.

Play it in a game

Introduce a greater element of competition to your rondos by awarding points for the type of pass made. The harder the pass, the more points scored. Either keep a tally yourself or get the players to remember their scores

    1. First line pass = 1 point
    2. Second line pass = 3 points
    3. Third line pass = 6 points
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