Passing in threes

Final pass Rondo

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Creative play in and around the final third needs players to see opportunities to get the ball through to attackers behind the defence. This session helps develop their passing vision MORE

Passing Pairs Rondos feature

Passing Pairs Rondo

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Straight from the Fulham Academy training ground, this warm-up will help develop your team's ability to use both feet and to pass accurately. MORE

Passing Pairs is a Rondo soccer drill

What is a Rondo in soccer?

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Watching my U15s control the game at the weekend was one of those occasions when I felt really proud of my coaching. Pass, pass, move, one-touch, backheel… It was all there and I loved every minute of the way they ran the game. They won 3-1 but the score was irrelevant – it was the... MORE

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