Rondo, rondo, rondo


This fun warm-up game is great for foundation phase players, working on the psychological and social corners.


Set up three rondos, relevant to the age and ability of your players. Each rondo should be 4v2 if possible. In the middle of the three rondos, place a cone.


Players play a normal possession rondo, with Blues trying to keep possession away from the Reds. If a Red wins possession or a Blue player kicks the ball out of the area, they swap roles. When the coach calls ‘defenders’ each pair of defenders races to the middle cone. The first pair there wins a point for their rondo team. If the coach calls a number or letter, the players in each rondo work together to try to form that shape with their bodies. The first rondo to achieve it gets a point.


  • Technical aspects of rondos (quick passing, movement to receive, scanning, first touch, weight of pass, defending in pairs etc)
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

1. Set up several separate rondos, with a cone in the middle of the groups

2. On the coach’s call, defenders from each rondo race to the middle cone. The first pair there receive a point for their group

3. Groups can earn bonus points by being the first to form the shape of a number or letter called by the coach

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