Rondo shoot on sight

This Rondo is all about scoring before your opponents and knocking them out. It is a fast game with constantly changing teams, and it gets attackers to sniff out opportunities and capitalise on them.

Set up

Set up an area of 15×15 yards with goals at each end and with the corners coned off from the edge of the goal to the centre. We’ve used 10 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two normal goals.

How to do it

Split the players into two teams of four plus two goalkeepers. Two players from each team play in the area, with two players each outside the area at the end their team is attacking.

Players can use their team-mates on the outside of the pitch, who play one-touch, but if they do they must then swap over with that player, who comes onto the pitch. If a team scores, their opponents swap with their team-mates on the outside. The team that scores stays on and receives another ball from their goalkeeper.


This session gets players to use good technique at speed and under pressure conditions. It is good fun and all players are involved in using skills and technique to score goals.

Shoot in small sided game

1. Players are in a 2v2 in the diamond, with two team-mates outside the playing area at the attacking end of the pitch
2. Play starts with a pass out from the goalkeeper to one of his team mates in the diamond

Quick finishing game

3. The players on the outside have one touch to get a good pass into one of the attackers
4. If players pass to their team-mates on the outside they must swap with that player

shooting range

5. If a team scores the pair stay on while the opposition players swap with their outside team-mates

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