Rondo win the ball

This uses all the elements of pre-season training: passing, communication, movement, control, and with the progression comes a tactical challenge. Players need to concentrate and react quickly, so it helps with general fitness too.

Set up

Set up 30×30-yard area split into two 15×30-yard zones. We’ve used 10 players plus the coach as a server.

How to do it

Split your squad into two teams of five. Give a ball to one team and allow the other team to send two players into the opposition half to get it back. If they win it they can play it back to team-mates, but with two players in the wrong half they must react quickly or the team that lost it could chase it quicker. The game is one touch and continuous.
Progress the game by giving both teams a ball. The winner is the team that can capture the other team’s ball while keeping their own. In the progression, teams can send up to three players into the other half to win the ball, but that only leaves two players to look after their own ball. If it goes out of play a new ball is played into the opposite team.


In the progression of the game the emphasis is on fun, which is achieved using technique, tactics and communication.

Win the ball back

    1. The game starts with a pass from the server into one of the teams. Two players from the other side can cross into the area to try to win it

      2. If the defender wins the ball he can keep it and play it back to his team mates to continue the game

      Speed of reaction

        3. Speed of player reactions is vital to the success of the session. When teams lose the ball, both sets of players must react

          4. If the team that has lost the ball reacts quickest they can hunt down the three players before their team-mates have recovered

          Reacting to possession

            5. In the progression both teams have a ball and they can send up to three players into the opposition half to win the ball, but that only leaves two players to look after their own ball

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