Simple rondo

This is a great session to warm up your players through a high intensity possession-based skills practice, with players developing the technical aspects of their game that can be used in high-pressure match scenarios.

Set up

Mark out a 25-yard circle. We’ve used 11 players in the session. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Players are to position themselves within a circle around two, three, or even four central players, who aim to intercept passes or pressure (not tackle) the players positioned on the outside. The outside players should attempt to retain both possession and the basic circular shape during play.
Players in middle should carry bibs and when possession is gained, they leave the bibs on the ground and swap places with the player who made the intercepted pass. These players now carry the bibs and become chasers.


Players should protect the ball on the side away from the chasers. Good for one and two touch play. The central players should look to force the play through the middle, into traffic.

    1. Play starts with passing between the outer players who must keep the ball from the centre players
    2. The centre players must press the outer players to try to win the ball by forcing a mistake

    3. The outer players must look to use simple passes and good skill to keep the ball
    4. Here the pressing players have covered all the angles and the outer player has to try to pass across the centre of the circle.

    5. The player who lost the ball swaps places with the one that won it and play continues
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