Watch: Rondo 4+2 x 2

Filipe Ragel the Under 19 head coach of Marcet Academy in Barcelona shares a video of his team doing a 4+2 x 2 Rondo which shows the technical and tactical practice

Rondo 4+2 x 2

Tactical objectives

Identify Nearby / Intermediate / Far Away
Create / Occupy Spaces (offensive swaps)
Mix pass play short long
Press after loss

Technical Objectives

Improve the first touch
Improve the use of both feet
Execute passes with different foot surfaces


1 individual touch
Only 2 touches can be used (control – pass) if the ball does not pass through the middle pair
The players with the ball are divided into 3 pairs (the middle and the sides)
Every time one of the players from one of the two pairs on the sides passes the ball from side to side without going through the pair in the middle, the pair that executed the pass is switched with the pair in the middle

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