Set Piece Tactics

question and answer with Tony Mowbray

Question and Answer with Tony Mowbray

In my capacity as consultant for Elite Soccer I get access to the sessions that the top managers put together for each issue and I thought I’d share this great question and answer feature. Question “I realise the value of getting crosses into the box, but our moves down the flanks are mostly random. How […]

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How to coach throw ins to young players

Every throw-in you get (and that could be 20 or more during the course of a match) should be an opportunity to launch a fresh attack. But, all too often, possession is literally thrown away by players who don’t know what to do when they’ve got the ball in their hands. How to take a […]

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A zonal marking game taken from Soccer Coach Weekly coaches players how to defend corners

A fantastic zonal marking game

Once your players understand the concept of zonal defending, this game allows you to put the system into context and gets them playing a game with lots of corners. Why use it The defending team is coached how to get into formation in a match when they have lost the ball and how to quickly […]

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A quick tip for throw-ins in youth soccer

Some coaches rely on one or two players (let’s call them designated throwers) to take all the teams throw-ins. Sadly, the designated thrower ends up being the most exhausted player on the field. He or she has to sprint up and down the sideline, or even across the field, to take a simple throw in […]

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The fast and furious free kick practice

If you want your attack to catch the opposition off guard, this frenetic game will have them taking free kicks quicker than they can shout “Usain Bolt”. Why use it This quick free kick is designed to catch opponents on the back foot. Without time to organize, they will be caught out not only by […]

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Successful corners – the drifter

You know the routine, we practise it every week!” – why do most teams have one idea for a corner and stick with it? Corners are a great opportunity to create scoring opportunities because you are taking an unopposed kick close to goal. Yet teams often just cross the ball hoping to hit the right […]

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