Soccer coaching tips to win possession from a goal kick

The ideal way of getting your young soccer (football) players into shape to defend or attack goal kicks is by shouting a one-word code. If you use my technique, all you will have to shout is “DIAMOND.”

One of the soccer coaching tactics I invented for my 7-a-side soccer teams is called the diamond. Diamonds are the strongest of all precious gems, and it was at the heart of my strategy for defending and attacking goal kicks in 7-a-side or small-sided games.

Key soccer coaching tip:

Work out which of your players fit the diamond positions best and keep them there in all your matches.

Once you have worked out the range of the opposition goalkeeper, shape your diamond so you intercept his kicks in any part of the pitch.

Diamond soccer drill

As in the diagram, use four players, including your midfielders and attackers to build the diamond. Your best header of these four is number 6 at the base of the diamond. Your best goal scorer/poacher is at the top of the diamond (number 7). 4 and 5 are on the sides of the diamond and control the shape.

ClicIf 4 or 5 win the ball it is their job to pass into number 7. If the goal kick is poor or short, number 7 runs on to it and shoots. If the kick is good and long, number 6 heads it back into the danger zone.

Diamond drill with four players in diamond position to help win possession from a goalkick


Keep the opposition deep

Another important soccer coaching tip is for number 7 to keep the opposition defenders deep in their own half, making it harder to move the ball quickly into attack.

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Basic coaching drill to improve soccer possession

Soccer drill to get attackers winning the ball back early

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