Set up a v pattern for short sprint stamina drills

Keeping your triangle of cones from the warm up above, you can use it to do a series of short sprints to prepare your players for a match. It gets the blood circulating in their legs and prepares them for the short sprints used regularly in game situations.

It can be part of your players fitness regime as well. It’s a good one for stamina.


  • Markers positioned in a V pattern, 4m apart
  • Start at the base of the V
  • Sprint to either of the top markers
  • Turn & sprint back to the base of the V
  • Sprint out to the other marker
  • Turn & sprint back to the base of the V to finish
  • Immediately repeat the same sequence while dribbling a ball
  • Repeat for 3 sets with 2 mins rest between sets.

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