3 team shoot-out

Objective: to encourage fast, accurate passing; to reward players who get their heads up and spot scoring opportunities.

Age group: U7 – U14

Set up: create a circular playing area about 40 yards across.

Place three small goals equidistantly around the perimeter of the playing area.  Pop up goals are ideal but if you don’t have any use cones or poles.

Divide your players into three teams of between three and five players. No goalkeepers.

How to play:

The three teams play a ‘normal’ soccer match except:

  1. two balls are used, not one;
  2. each team defends one goal and attacks the other two.

These conditions, plus the fact that the playing area is not the usual shape, encourage young players to think ‘outside the box’!

Play for a set time.

Don’t try to keep the score – too many goals will be scored and the game is too fast!

Discourage teams from placing a defender in front of their goal to try to stop the other teams scoring. Point out that it doesn’t work as the defender can’t use his or her hands and that ‘losing’ a player in this way will make it very hard for rest of the team to score.

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