7v7 to Score from Anywhere

Arsenal were once criticised for attempting to pass all the way to the goal but now Arsene Wenger is reaping the rewards of slick passing, and you could too by using this session.

Why use it

This training session is all about the ability to control the ball by passing in tight areas, taking advantage of moments of transition, and being coordinated to change the direction and angle of attack.

Set up

Set up an area of 45×30 yards split into three 15-yard zones. In the centre zone you need two target goals on either side. We’ve used 14 players. You need balls, bibs, cones, four mini goals and two normal goals.

7v7 to score from anywhere

How to play

Use two teams of six plus two neutral keepers. Play a 6v6 in the middle zone. Explain to your players that the two outer zones are numbered ‘one’ and ‘two’ and that at any time the coach can call the number of the zone and the players attack the goal at that end.

Scoring in one of the target goals in the centre zone is worth one point and scoring in the large goals is worth two points. Play offside when the coach changes the attack to the large goals.


The coaching points in this session are really good: decision-making, communication, timing of movement, skills and coordination. See if your players can cope with the changes of direction.

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