Clever movement to terrorise defenders

Strike fear into the heart of any defender with this session. Cut inside or split the defenders after receiving the ball at an angle to the goal, turning and firing past the keeper into the net.

Why use it

When strikers receive the ball they often just shoot or try to cross the ball. This session gets them turning and running into dangerous parts of the penalty area.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal. Use half your normal pitch. We used 7 players in the session

How to do it

Split your players into three servers, two defenders a goalkeeper and the working striker. Mark out a diagonal channel from the wing towards goal. Within the channel, place two defenders six yards apart on one side of the area inside 18-yard box. Three passers stand ready, one central and level with the attacker, one deeper in midfield and the third behind the attacker at full-back. Defenders are passive. The attacker receives a firmly hit pass. His first touch must take him away from the first defender and then using a skill like a stepover and shoot immediately after knocking the ball past the second defender. The striker has nine goes – three from each passer – to score as many goals as possible without the ball leaving the channel, and without needing two touches to beat the first defender.


This replicates the action of cutting in from the wing, testing a player’s ball control, finish and speed in changing direction.

Beat defenders and shoot

    1. The players set up with the striker ready to receive side on to goal with passes from the servers
    2. Servers take it in turns to pass to the striker who must receive, turn and shoot

beat the defenders and shoot

    3. The striker can split the defenders or beat them on the inside to get space to shoot
    4. Defenders should start off passive by just moving towards the striker and not tackling
    5. Take it in turns to be striker and face three passes from each server – see who can score the most goals
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