Deadly with both feet

Running with the ball into positions to shoot requires a good deal of skill and hitting the ball at the right moment.

Set up

Set up an area of 25×20 yards with a goal at one end. You need cones, poles, balls and a goal. Mark out a 10-yard scoring gate in the centre of the goal and place cones at the opposite end to the goal on the wings. Put cones 10 yards back towards goal for the two sets of players. Put poles to mark the shooting target in the corners of the goal. We’ve used six players in the session.

How to play it

Players dribble to the near cone, back around the middle cone and up to the far cone and around it. They then dribble to the scoring gate and shoot when level with the gate. The coach calls out whether it should be a left or right footed finish, or the players can go left and right in sequence. Play alternates between the two groups. Play until each player has had four goes, two left and two right.


This replicates the dribbling and turning sequences that players will do on match days, with a shot to finish the move. It gets players using both feet for practice. Also get them to go for accuracy rather than power.

    1. Play starts with one of the players dribbling the ball around the circuit
    2. When he gets to the shooting gate he must hit the target area in the corners of the goal

    3. Try to get players to use different feet from each side of the circuit when they shoot at goal
    4. After the player has shot at goal he joins the opposite queue so he has to dribble in both left and right directions

    5. When players shoot, try to get them to alternate between left and right foot to improve accuracy with both feet
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