Dribble and shoot

It is an important part of a striker’s tool box to be able to dribble the ball and have a shot a goal as a result – often finding space in the final third relies on aggressive strikers.

Why use it

This is about dribbling turning and shooting which is a vital part of any striker’s armoury.

Set up

You need balls, cones and goals in an area 15 x 10 yards split into 5 yard squares. We used 10 players in the session.

How to do it

Split into even teams with a goalkeeper in each goal. Both sides of the area work at the same time. Players work up one side then down the other – dribble to the first line, turn and dribble to the first line then turn and shoot. Each player is responsible for their own ball to retrieve and keep with them. Shots must be from the centre zone. Switch goalkeepers every few minutes. Progress the session so the second the player goes into the centre square he must shoot first time.


Intensity of the turn and shot is vital to the session you want to see speed and good turning technique to shoot. Try different shot ¬ chip, drive, place and use both feet.

Dribble and shoot

    1. The session starts with players dribbling to the far line then back to the near line before unleashing a shot
    2. Each player has a ball and they are responsible for that ball so they must retrieve it if they miss the target

    3. Players should try different techniques to shoot with like a chip or a top corner shot
    4. The game is continuous so they must follow to the next side and shoot from that side – use BOTH feet

dribble and shoot

    5. Now the players have to shoot first time as soon as they go into the middle square (use cones if they need to be closer to shoot).
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