Dutch Shooting Game

Score more goals with this game that targets the final pass into a striker with quick movement and support play. The focus is on the shot but the movement and control of the ball is key to the success of the session. By Dave Clarke

Why use it

    Building play up to getting a shot on target is a vital part of match play – this is a session with high tempo and quick movement of players in the final third of the pitch.

Set up

    You need balls, bibs, cones, 2 training poles and a goal. Using half your normal pitch set up the cones and training poles like the illustration. We used 8 players in the session.

How to play

    Set your players up so you have four players on cones, two on the half way line, one crosser of the ball and a goalkeeper. Label your players 1-7 plus the goalkeeper. 1 and 2 wait behind the half way line, 4 passes to 6 who sets up 5 for the shot. 5 and 6 then continue movement into the penalty area to receive a cross from 7. Players then go back to the halfway line with 3/4 taking the place of 5/6 and 1/2 joining in the game. Keep playing and when the next round of attack comes in players are in the same positions but now player 3 passes to 5 who sets up 6 for the shot. In the progression the players on the 5 and 6 cones sprint to the training pole and back before receiving the ball.

Technique and tactics

  • Shooting, passing and movement, played at a high tempo. .

Player 4 starts with the ball and
plays a crisp pass into player 6 who half turns, receives and then passes to player 5

Player 5 should be on the move
the second player 6 receives
the ball and be ready to control and
shoot at goal

Player 7 now crosses
the ball into the area for 5 and 6 to attack and try to score a second goal.

In the progression the
players at 5 and 6 must run to the training pole, touch it and return before they receive the ball

The distance from the pole to
the cone can be varied

Player movement

Ball movement

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