Explosive squares

This game encourages supporting and movement off the ball as well as making sure players learn how to deal with the basics of passing and receiving. After making a pass you will often see players standing still and admiring their work, you will also see players struggling to create good supporting angles for the player with the ball.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Mark out an area with four grids 12×12 yards. We used 16 players in the session

How to play it

Players are placed in teams of four, and you need to give them numbers from 1 to 4. To start with put one team in each square and they pass and move the ball around in their own grid. After each pass the player runs around a cone and back into the grid. Progress the session so they have to pass in the numbered sequence of 1 to 4. Once they have done this a few times you call out a nuberand they must go into the next grid clockwise to create 3v1s in each grid. The defender wins a point for his team every time the ball is lost. Play for 60 seconds then return to the grid to pass and run around the cone before you call another number out.


Players must ry and face the passer to make passing easier so they don’t have to turn. Good running and awareness of the ball and movements to make passing and receiving easier.

    1. The session starts with four players in each square passing a ball around freely between each other with two touches
    2. Players must sprint around the nearest cone when they have passed the ball getting back onto the pitch as quickly as possible

    3. Players must now pass in the sequence of 1 to 4 so they must be quick to be back in position to receive the ball
    4. A player receiving the ball should do so facing the passer and not forcing them to turn. You can progress to counting how many one touch passes the team is capable of making.

    5. From each grid a player leaves their area when the coach calls out their number. The player then goes over to the next grid to create a 3v1.
    6. Each time the defender wins the ball or the team in possession kicks it out the defender wins a point
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