Free kick soccer drill with a nutmeg

Coach your soccer (football) players to dummy the ball and fool the opposition at a free-kick.

Key soccer coaching tip: Don’t let your players waste their free-kick opportunities.

One of the things that often happens in youth soccer is when possession is lost from a free-kick, the team that was defending runs up the other end and scores against you.

When you had a chance to go one-nil up, you gift the opposition a goal. So it is very important to spend time coaching your players to practise free-kicks, and come up with clever ways to catch the opposition out so you are not wasting them.

A fast, passing game creates lots of free-kicks

Coaching my soccer players to play fast passing (football) soccer means that when they have the ball, they cause defenders to foul them. My team do not set out to play for free-kicks but we get them because of the way we play, so we have to take advantage.

A nutmeg can open defences

The nutmeg free-kick is one of the best ways to catch out the opposition and to stop your players just kicking it into the penalty box or at the wall. When they get this soccer skill right it always creates a shooting chance, whether you are playing 7 or 11-a-side and at any age group. The younger players will have to practise this soccer skill more.

Nutmeg free-kick soccer drill

  • Player 1 pretends he is going to shoot but passes to player 2 in front of him.
  • The wall will still expect a shot from the group of players. Instead, player 2 passes the ball between player 3’s legs, to player 4 who is waiting on the edge of the area.
  • Player 4 has the perfect opportunity to either shoot first time or to run into the box.
  • You also ensure the ball is not lost to a quick breakaway because it usually goes in the goal or out for a corner.

Soccer drill to get players going for a nutmeg from a free kick

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