Goals win games

This is a game to get all of your players scoring goals, so that your team is not relying on just one or two players. If you score goals from every position on the pitch your success will be guaranteed.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×30 yards with a goal at each end. We are using eight players in the session. You will need bibs, balls, cones and goals.

How to do it

Play 3v3 plus goalkeepers using normal rules, but the twist is that players are worth points. Each player starts off being worth three points for a goal, but once they have scored they lose a point – so a player who has scored once is only worth two points for his next goal, and then one point for his third. After that his goals are worth nothing to the team. Call time out after a few goals have gone in to allow teams to talk tactics, so they can get their players with the most points scoring goals.


This game is so simple and gets teams talking tactics to get the most points possible. It gets all the players in your squad trying to score.

Get all players scoring

    1. At the start of the game each player is worth three points for a goal. This includes the keepers
    2. When a player scores, it counts as three points for his team, but means the next time he scores it is only worth two points

Goals win games

    3. A player worth only one point has a chance to score but passes to a player worth three points to try and maximise the points tally for his team
    4. Give players time to sort out tactics when a few goals have gone in and some players are no longer worth maximum points

score from everywhere

    5. If the only player on the team left with three points is the goalkeeper, teams must think about the best way to cover the goal and get him forward
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