Hit spectacular goals

Do you want to see your players hitting the net with spectacular goals? Use this training activity to help them do it. It takes a skilful player to hit a shot on the volley first touch, but if your players have practised this session, they will have a great chance of taking the opposition by surprise.

Set up

Use the penalty area of your pitch with your normal goals. We have used eight players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals.

How to play it

Split your players into four teams of two: two servers, two keepers, and two pairs of scorers. Each team takes turns in each role.
The servers stand to the side of the penalty area and alternate crosses into the box in quick succession – service is vital and if players cannot deliver the ball high enough, get them to serve with their hands using a throw-in.
In the middle the players try to get onto the end of the serves, hitting the ball on the volley or after one bounce. Start with the players in the middle shooting at either goal and then turn it into a 2v2 directional game.


A difficult session but one that gets players using spectacular shots to score goals from around the penalty area. Players will react to the servers from an attacking and defending point of view.

    1. The players are split into pairs. One pair serve and they must put good balls into the penalty area
    2. The pairs inside the penalty area try to shoot at goal – this part of the game is not directional, so they can shoot in either goal

    3. Now the game is directional and the pairs challenge for the ball and try to score in the opposition goal
    4. Players shoot either on the volley or after one bounce – one bounce gives the defenders more time to challenge

    5. If the servers are having trouble getting good balls into the box, they can use a throw-in technique with their hands
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