Use this lively attacking session to get your strikers working well with team-mates to set-up solid goalscoring chances for your team. This helps encourage players to shoot without fear of missing. It is a fast, attacking session, using off-pitch creators to help tee up scoring chances.

Set up

Set up a playing area of 40×30 yards with a goal at each end. We’ve used 14 players including goalkeepers. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Start with a 4v4 on the pitch, with two extra players from each team on the goal line of the end they are attacking, one on either side. Players must get a return pass from a goal line player before they can shoot. Players on the goal line can be restricted to one or two-touches. Rotate roles regularly.
In part two it must be a first-time shot. In part three the player on the goal line may receive a pass and enter the play to shoot or take on the keeper. The passer swaps with the player who came in.


Great for getting your players to pass and move in the final third, where setting up chances to shoot can result in lots of goals. Look for awareness of how and where to pass the ball for players to run on to and shoot at goal.

    1. To score a goal the ball must go to one of the end players, who sets it up for any player on his team
    2. The player receiving the pass can take as many touches as he wants before shooting

    3. As the session progresses, change the rules so that the attacker who receives the ball must shoot with a first touch
    4. Because the attacker has to shoot with one touch the set up has to be a pass that encourages that to happen

    5. In the final progression, the players at the end receive the ball and can come onto the pitch to exploit any space behind the defence
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