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The training session is an excellent workout if you want to get your strikers on their toes and ready to fire shots at the goal. This is a strengthening and reaction exercise that gives players a good workout to sharpen up scoring instincts.

Set up

Mark a zone using your penalty area and the space in front to mimic central attacks in matches. We’ve used 11 players including a keeper and two servers. You need two small hurdles (or use cones) placed on the edge of the area.

HOw to play it

Choose two servers and a keeper. Split the others into two teams of four: one team defends and one attacks. Play is 2v2 and each pair faces two attacks.
On the coach’s call the attackers jump the two hurdles and receive a ball from the wider of the two servers and go 2v2. Immediately the ball goes dead a second ball comes from the central server and play continues.
Swap each pair after the two attacks, and after three sets of balls change the attackers with the defenders. If your team plays 11v11, offsides will count – if not, there are no offsides.


Players must look for any opportunity to score and this will sharpen instincts. They should work at maximum pace because they are playing for a short time.

    1. Split your players into two groups of four who go two at a time in a 2v2. One pair attacks and one defends
    2. On your call the two attackers must jump the two hurdles watching for a pass from the server

    3. The first server times his pass to get to the attackers after they jump the hurdles
    4. The attacking pair must look for space to surge into and receive the ball, taking the chance to shoot

    5. Immediately the first ball goes out of play, the second server plays a ball into the attackers who must be on their toes to move and receive it
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