Test your soccer players shooting prowess

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

Rate your soccer players’ shooting prowess with this three-shot test that calls for speed, touch, accuracy and confidence. Can they hit the top corners and score maximum points or will they play safe?   The Didier Drogba challenge This soccer shooting drill is named this after a soccer striker who shoots from all over the... MORE

1v1 soccer shoot and defend drill

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

Reacting swiftly is a vital part of any soccer attacker’s skill, especially when faced with different problems to solve in order to create goal scoring chances. The ball will be passed to the attacker and he might have to pass, dribble or shoot, depending on the scenario that opens up in front of him. You... MORE

Soccer coaching tip for the swerve shot

in Shooting, Tips and advice

One good technique to teach your players is the swerve shot because it is easier than a lot of the other and is very useful for your players because they can run and practise shooting – if it goes straight they should try again and again until they are making a good attempt at it.... MORE

Soccer coaching game for penalty taking practise

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

Every player loves taking penalties – even if they aren’t very good at it. Practising penalties gives you a chance to look at your players’ kicking techniques and also lets you see who might be good to take penalties in a match. There is definitely an art to penalty taking, and training sessions are the... MORE

turn and shoot drill

Turn and shoot soccer coaching drill

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

I watched a soccer coaching session this week where the attackers were being put through their paces in a shooting drill. They had their backs to goal and had to turn and hit the target with their first touch. These were adults playing for one of the top teams in England but the drill they... MORE

Free kick soccer coaching drill with homage to Barcelona

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

Those soccer (football) coaches who don’t get their players to practise free kicks should take some time to watch Barcelona. The Barcelona players have developed fast, creative, defence-splitting set-piece situations, which they use alongside the curling shot into the top corner. When a free kick is given just outside the penalty area, the opposition often... MORE

Fun finishing soccer drill

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

You can bet your life that if you spend most of your soccer coaching session working on scoring with the feet, the best chance on match day will be with your attacker’s head, and they’ll try to kick it! The beauty of this soccer coaching session from Michael Beale is the variety of balls players... MORE

Volleying to score soccer drill

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

There are some basic soccer skills which your players need to make them better players. One of these is the ability to volley the ball when it is bouncing or from a flighted pass. Use this soccer drill to help. This is a great skill to use in front of the goal when a well-directed... MORE

Simple soccer drills for more accurate shooting skills

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

Getting your young soccer (football) players to concentrate on accuracy, rather than power, is one of the key points when coaching shooting skills. Focusing on accuracy at all age levels is more important. Power will come once players get their shooting direction right. It’s a good idea to concentrate on coaching players’ shooting accuracy rather... MORE

Soccer drill for swerve shots

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

Swerving the ball using the inside of the foot is easier than with the outside. But learning this rarely used skill with the outside of the foot will give players the option of using the same foot to bend shots either side of their opponents. How to swerve the ball Have a straight approach. Place... MORE

Shooting soccer drill to coach defensive tactics

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

Shooting games are great for coaching players to use defensive soccer tactics – especially when the defender must win the ball to create a chance to shoot.   By working on individual defensive strategies, your players will have to deal with a lot of 1v1s, which are crucial in matches. This soccer coaching session provides... MORE

Basic football shooting drill

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

This is a great way to get all young football (soccer) players from under 4s through to under 16s having fun in front of goal, they will love trying to score in this basic football shooting drill. This soccer (football) drill will help players practise their shooting skills as well as penalties, shots on the... MORE

Penalty area game to turn crosses into goals

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

The penalty area is an exciting place to be, but when football (soccer) players are in there, they need to know how to make the most of their chances. I use this game to give my players the vision to change the point of attack from crosses. Key soccer coaching tip Get your attackers to... MORE

Pass and shoot warm up soccer drill

in Shooting, Warm Ups

This pass, shoot and defend football warm-up is all about control, footwork, ball skills, movement, attacking and defending. It’s a great warm-up drill for match days and can be used during indoor training sessions, too. Run  pass, shoot and defend football warm up drill Player 1 passes into player 2, runs to receive a lay-off... MORE

Soccer drill to control turn and shoot

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

This soccer coaching session teaches players to create space and take a shot after they receive the ball with their backs to goal. It is an art for attackers to turn defenders when facing away from the goal, otherwise they will lose the ball. What players should think about in this soccer (football) drill Communication... MORE

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