Coaching these soccer shooting drills will enhance your players’ ability to beat the goalkeeper from many different positions. Shooting is a core soccer skill for EVERY player and we have some great ways to coach it. We look at shooting from dead ball situations, shooting while running, shooting first time, drive shots and how to make the ball bend, curl and dip. We have great soccer shooting drills and games to help you coach the skills to all your players.

Striking session

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This session will put a stop to wasted chances up front. It allows your players to experiment with their technique and get used to hitting the target with a snap shot or when finishing off a move.   Set up Use the penalty area of the pitch you play on or recreate it with cones.... MORE

Strike in pairs

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Executed at speed, this is a dangerous attacking move that will help your players use a delicate first touch to beat defenders and set up goalscoring opportunities.   Why use it When two strikers play together they develop an understanding. Robin van Persie uses his strike partners to create the space needed for match-winning shots... MORE

Stepover and shoot

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

If attackers are having trouble losing defenders, they can wrong-foot the opponents between them and the goal by using a simple stepover to create space for a shot. In this session by Tony Carr, the academy director of West Ham United, players learn how to wrong-foot the last defender by dribbling towards them, and then... MORE

Play forward score goals

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

If you want your players to create more goalscoring chances in matches then getting them to move the ball forward quickly is a great way to start.This session combines good passing and movement from a base of intelligent defending. Why not try it out and see how quickly your team can improve its goal tally?... MORE

Strike it hot

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If you can improve your strikers’ ability to score goals from various positions in the penalty area and with different techniques then you are well on the way to starting the season with a bang. A good striker is able to score goals from a variety of positions. This is because the striker’s technique allows... MORE

Soccer Coach Weekly Issue 343

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

If you want your players to be able to get into the positions to shoot on sight and create from deep like Robbie Keane, get your players using the drills in this week’s issue.   Also in this issue, current England international and Arsenal Soccer Schools coach Steph Houghton offers grassroots coaches six ideas to... MORE

How strikers should use angles like Ramires

in Shooting, Soccer drills and skills

One of the best goals I have seen in recent times is the one by Ramires in Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final against Barcelona. He scored from an angle, chipping the goalkeeper with a classy finish. In the English Premier League last season, more than 50% of goal opportunities came about from the ball being wide... MORE

One touch shooting game to improve players attacking mindset

in Shooting, Small Sided Games

You can certainly improve your players’ attacking mindset in front of goal with this one-touch shooting game. As well as rehearsing quick and direct shooting ability, you’ll also find that strikers are more aware of the positions of both themselves and opposition players. Because strikers cannot take a touch to control the ball, their body... MORE

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