Pre-season Training – one touch shot

Quick shooting and pressing by the opposition creates a fast, fun shooting game which focuses player’s minds on shooting and stopping shots. There’s nothing a young player likes better than putting his foot through the ball and hitting the net.

Why use it

Purely about scoring for fun and pressing opponents in a tight space. Players can only score one touch so play is fast and shots come in from all areas of the set up.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals. You can use the centre circle of you pitch. We used 12 players in the session.

How to play

Split your players into two teams of 5 players plus a neutral player and a server. One player covers the goal but cannot use their hands, the other teams play 4v4+1 in the centre circle with the neutral player on the team in possession. Players can shoot from anywhere in the centre circle but it must be one-touch. The server passes a ball into the area and teams compete to set up chances.


Shooting technique done under match-like pressure – chipping, power, sidefoot any surface of the foot that players want to experiment with.

Shoot every opportunity

  1. The server starts play with a pass into the centre circle where teams battle it out to win the ball
  2. The neutral player (yellow) is on the side of the team in possession of the ball and is allowed to score

Pre-season shooting

  1. Players must try to use all forms of shooting to hit a first time shot into the net the opposition must press quickly to block
  2. Here the player chips the ball from his own half and scores in the net

Pre-season Shooting

  1. The player in front of goal cannot use his hands and must try to block with his feet
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