Pre-season training – striker time trials

The time trial game places the attackers under high pressure in order to get them to attack at top speed and score goals in the allotted time. How many goals can the attacking team score before the time runs out?

Why use it

Everyone enjoys scoring goals – here the time puts pressure on the players and gives them a workout

Set up

A circle 40yds in diameter divided into quarters. A smaller circle 6yds in diameter is placed in the centre of the pitch

How to play

Split your players up into two teams of four. One team plays as the attackers and one team plays as the defenders. The defenders go into one quarter each and defend a mini goal. The attackers go into the centre circle and take turns to attack one of the mini-goals. One attacker goes to attack and attempts to score. After a goal or the ball goes out of play a new attacker goes to attack. This sequence continues with the attackers trying to score as many goals as possible until the time runs out. To develop the session, allow the attackers to attack in pairs to create 2v1 attacking situations.


  • The game is played for two halves of five minutes
  • The defenders must stay inside their own pitch and cannot help a team mate
  • Before the next attacker leaves the previous attacker must run back into the centre circle


Good passing and communication with shooting the end product

Striker test v time

    1. 1. Split the players into two teams with one defending the goals and the other attacking
    1. 2. Attackers go one at a time to attack the goals in the quadrants

Striker time trials

    1. 3. The players take it in turns to attack each goal – here the next attacker goes to attack the second quadrant
    1. 4. Players return to the centre when they have gone 1v1 against the defender

Striker time trials 3

    1. 5. The next player cannot attack until the working player gets back to the centre
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