Quick soccer drill for 1v1 skills

Working on 1v1 is important and this soccer drill is ideal for this and great for soccer coaches because it’s quick and doesn’t leave the rest of the squad standing around getting bored.

In a 1v1 situation both defender and attacker must be alert and try to read the other player.

drill using 1v1s to work on attack and defense skills


Drill set up

  • For this drill you need to set up a pitch around 30 x 20 yards in size and have two goals about 5 yards apart. You can use cones or real goals.
  • You need a queue of players at each end of the pitch – attackers start facing the goals and defenders start between the goals.
  • The defender serves a ball to the attacker who then goes 1v1 against the defender and tries to score in one of the goals.
  • You can use two goalkeepers but you could also use much smaller goals and have no goalkeepers.
  • A good tip is to extend this soccer drill by making it 2v2 to introduce further decision making and teamwork.

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