Rapid shooting

This fun shooting activity gives all players the opportunity to shoot in a fast paced competitive game. The goal is to encourage young players to shoot when they are in shooting range. Coaches can focus on shooting technique and encouraging players to be CONFIDENT in front of the goal. This game also allows all players on the team to be in the goal and work on shot stopping and courage!

Set up

Use the penalty area of your pitch. You need a goal and two teams of 5 to 8 players. This shooting activity can be set up on or around the 18 yard line, depending on your age group

How to play it

One team is the shooting team and the other team is the goalkeeping team.
The defending team has two goalkeepers in the goal at a time. If they get scored on they must run out of the goal and tag the next two goal keepers who then take position in the goal.
The shooting team will wait for the coach to distribute balls to the right and the left. Encourage the shooting player to strike the ball on her first touch. After shooting the player goes to the end of the opposite shooting line.
The shooting team gets one minute to get as many goals as they can. The coach will be distributing balls quickly every 2 to 3 seconds. This keeps the game moving quickly and encourages players to stay focussed. If the coach runs out of balls before one minute is up, she can stop the time and allow players to collect balls and then re-start the clock. At the end of one minute teams switch roles.


The primary focus for this activity is on mentality in and around the goal area. We want players to go to the ball and shoot with confidence! The coach is also looking for the shooting players to run at the ball with long strides and use proper shooting technique. Head down eyes steady on the ball, plant foot next to the ball, toe down ankle locked etc. This is also a good activity to introduce goalkeeping to every player. This game can also be played with just one goalkeeper in at a time.

Score more goals

    1. Play starts with a pass from the coach. The first player in the right line runs up to the ball and takes a shot on goal on their first touch.
    2. As the first player shoots the coach immediately passes a ball out for the first player in the left line who shoots with her first touch. After shooting, go to the back of the opposite shooting line.
    3. Each team has 60 seconds to score as many goals as possible. Switch teams. Non-shooting team collects balls for the coach.

Score more goals

    4. Use the same rules as diagram 1 but now the shooting players start with their backs to goal. Players will turn and shoot, then quickly change lines.

    5. Now the coach can now select one goalkeeper for the defending team. The coach will distribute balls to the first attacking player. The first defending player will chase the attacker and try to deny the shot.
    6. The players now have to shoot quickly under pressure. After one minute have the teams switch roles. On the second round let the shooting team start on the left cone
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