Score more at tournaments – like England

Goals from Jill Scott, Ellen White and Lucy Bronze saw England storm past Norway and into the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup.

Tournaments are all about scoring goals – from the Women’s World Cup to your local tournament on the village green. I was attending Europaths tournament in London at the weekend. Teams from Sevilla, Roma, Marseille and Manchester City were all represented. Some of the play was outstanding, but at the end of the day it is goals that count in these tournaments.

Here are some sessions to help you score more in tournaments.

You have more chance of scoring in a tournament if you shoot on sight. Score one touch a great way to get players to shoot with their first touch.

Defenders are key at tournaments and if you can get all your players scoring your defenders will be key at both ends of the pitch. Free to attack is the way to unleash attacking defenders.

Attacking through midfield is ideal in tournaments when the opposition stands off and marks your attacker. Explosive in midfield can help midfielders create space and shoot at goal.

It’s not always about short possession passing to create goals in the smaller game format, long passes can catch opponents out. Long pass game gives players another way to create goals in tournaments.

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