Shoot on the turn

Turning with the ball is a skill in itself but there should be an end product which is created by turning with the ball – in this case the players turns and finishes by shooting.

Why use it

Players can turn with the ball to fool a defender and get the chance to shoot but they must practice the skill

Set up

You need balls, cones and corner flags or poles in an area 30 x 15 yards with a goal made of corner flags, and two cones at each end around 5-7 yards in from the backline and a couple of yards in from the sideline. We used 6 players in the session.

How to do it

Split players into a 3v3. To start the exercise, teams stand at opposite ends of the pitch. One team puts a player in goal and the front player on the opposite team. The front player sets off and turns (around the first cone in one direction, and then on to the other cone turning in the opposite direction. So if any player turns clockwise round the first cone then they must turn anticlockwise around the second cone. After completing the turn around the second cone the player in possession can then shoot at the goal. That completed, the attacker then goes into goal, with the goalkeeper returning to the back of the his line and the opposition take a turn to attack. As soon as a player shoots the next player at the opposite end can set off. You can make it competitive by saying first to score 6 goals wins.


Use the technique from the first session

Turning with the ball

    1. Teams stand at opposite ends of the pitch with one of the teams putting a player in goal

      2. The first player from the opposition attacks by going around one cone clockwise and then the other anticlockwise then shoots at goal

      Turn and shoot

        3. When he has taken a shot the striker goes in goal and the goalkeeper returns to the back of his queue

        Shoot on the turn

          4. Now it is the turn of the other team to go around the cones and take a shot at the goal

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