Shooting competition

Split your players into teams and get them vying with each other to see who can score the most goals in this fun two-touch shooting contest. This session coaches two-touch shooting, one of the weapons Aaron Ramsey of Juventus uses on the edge of the area to control and fire in a shot. This is a fun game that gets players competing against each other in teams.

Set up

Use your penalty area for this session. We’ve used 13 players and you will need a goal, plenty of balls and some cones.

How to play it

Split the squad into three teams of four. One team are the servers and the other two play against each other. Four balls are played alternately to the two teams from the servers beside the goal. Each player gets one pass and has two touches to try to score. Whichever team scores the most goals stays on and the other team becomes the servers. Get the servers to pass with different heights and speed.


Great for two-touch skills where the first touch sets up a shooting chance. Technique is important as each player only gets one chance to shoot and must concentrate and try hard not to be the one who misses. It is a great session for a warm-up on match day.

    1. The team that starts as the servers must play balls in at different heights and speeds. The coach judges if it is a foul serve or not
    2.Players have two touches, controlling the ball with their first touch and then firing in a shot at goal with their second

    3. Here the server nearest the goal fires in a pass to the striker
    4. Each player has one chance to control and shoot – the team with most goals stays on

    5. Don’t be too hard on players who miss because it can be a hard exercise for young players to get right
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