Skilful shooting

Getting set up to score goals is vital to the success of your team. It needs a simple bit of skill in this game to get players scoring goals.

Set up

In an 18×18 yards circle you need target goals, balls, bibs, cones and 9 players.

How to play

Place the target goals in the centre of the area back to back. Create three teams of three players and play 3v3 in the main area with one team on the outside who play for the team in possession creating an overload of 6v3. Teams score in both goals but must play a one-two with a player on the outside before shooting. Restarts are always with the opposing team. Play for 3 minutes then change the outside team. Team who scores most goals wins.


Speed of play is important with speed of pass and player movement key to setting up chances to score goals. Outside players need a good touch and pass.

1. Coach starts with a pass to one of the teams in the centre
2. Before shooting play a one-two with an outside player

3. The defending players must cover both goals
4. If the defenders win the ball they become attackers and link with the players on the outside to try and score

5. The one two can be with any player on the team as long at it isn’t touched by the opposition

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